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Each of our displays are as unique as your wedding. Designed to fit your requirements and that of the location and firing site. The packages below give an example for a variety of budgets. These will give you an idea of what to expect in your display, however we can tailor a package to your individual needs and budget. Some people prefer a short and impressive display, others want a longer duration, we can cater for any requirement.

If you need further help or are looking to include something a little different just give us a call on 01245 951 220 or contact us and one of our team will be more than happy to help you.


from £745

Our Silver Display Package offers up to 6 minutes of sky filling effects. Starting with a wall of gold and silver sparks reaching heights of over 20 feet or a rainbow of single shots followed by a mix of straight and fanned multi-effect barrages and roman candles fired from a single central position with a finale volley of high calibre professional display shells up to 75mm in size.


from £895

Our Gold Display Package lasts up to 7 minutes. The size of the barrages and roman candles are increased not only in size, but also in quantity. Fired from two or three sites, multiple roman candles criss cross the sky whilst barrages and professional display shells create a stunning backdrop of colour. Intricate single comet shots are used to start the display and the finale will consist of several volleys of professional display shells with calibres up to 4″ / 100mm.


from £1295

Our most popular package. The Platinum Display Package has an increased time of up to 8 minutes and really gives us the opportunity to create a jaw dropping display containing special effect professional display shells that we use in our competition shows. This display is fired by our digital firing system for split second precision from up to 5 firing sites ensuring the sky is full of spectacular effects and colours at all times. The display finishes with volleys of either gold willow or silver glitter display shells up to 150mm which twinkle against the night sky.


from £1995

AThe ultimate in firework entertainment, this stunning display lasts up to 10 minutes. The show consists of huge quantities of premium fireworks including our special European Material with stunning effects and colours like nothing else you will have ever seen. Fired from up to 7 firing positions using our digital firing system this is the package to choose to be blown away! (not literally of course!) With a finale of quality shells up to 7″ / 175mm in diameter. Gold rain or Strobing stars fill the sky and float to earth to bring this amazing show to a close.


from £1750

For that special touch why not have your firework display choreographed to your favourite piece of music.
We use our own active sound system to provide outstanding music quality and each show is designed and fired by our digital firing system for split second timing. We don’t just fire fireworks to music we Choreograph them!

Programming the firing system and choosing firework material to match the mood of the music and timings takes a lot of time and as such, musical displays do cost a little more. However the end results are stunning. Why not add a second song for just £750 more!

*please note the video here is of a bespoke pyromusical. Checkout more pyromusicals on our vimeo page.


from £745

Some venues that are close to farms with livestock or residential areas have agreements with those surrounding them to only allow quieter ‘low noise’ firework displays. These still look stunningly beautiful and are created with the use of multiple coloured roman candles, fountains and specialist effects such as horse tails, falling leaves and flying fish which fill the sky with colour.
All of our packages above are available as a ‘low noise’ option.
Some couples opt for quieter displays purely for their elegance and beauty.

Package Comparison
PackagePriceDurationFiring PositionsMaximum Firework SizeDigitally FiredInsuranceBPA Trained FirersFully Inclusive
Self Firefrom £3954-5 minutes130mm / 1.2″OptionalNoneNoYes
Silver£745/£8455/6 minutes175mm / 4″Yes£10 MillionYesYes
Gold£895/£9955/6minutes2-3100mm / 4″Yes£10 MillionYesYes
Platinum£12957 – 8 minutes3-5150mm / 6″Yes£10 MillionYesYes
Diamond£19958 – 10 mins5-7175mm / 7″Yes£10 MillionYesYes
Pyro Musical£17501 song5-7175mm / 7″Yes£10 MillionYesYes
Pyro Musical£25002 songs5-7175mm / 7″Yes£10 MillionYesYes
Low Noisefrom £7454+ minutes1+30mmYes£10 MillionYesYes
Bespoke£150 – £5000 per minuteCustomCustom250mm / 10″Yes£10 MillionYesYes


LOVE HEART SHELLS - From £49 for three LANCE WORK INITIALS - either side of a red heart - £125 VIP START - You start the show! - £49 100 x 18" GOLD SPARKLERS For you and your guests - £49



We will contact all the relevant parties to ensure full permission is granted for your display. This could include, police, fire, coast guard and the CAA if your event is in the vicinity of an airport.


We carry full public liability insurance of £10 million. (we’ve never had to use it as we have 100% safety record)


We use the latest satellite imagery to view the site and liaise with the venue to establish a safe and suitable firing site. An in person site visit will be performed for new venues if necessary.


Each display is risk assessed in line with the latest HSE and Government guidelines to ensure any concerns are addressed.


Design and planning of your show to your specification of time, colour and duration. Including any extras such as music, special effects or intelligent lighting. A minimum of two full BPA trained, professional firers to set up and fire your display.


It’s company policy to ensure we remove as much debris and rubbish from the firing site as possible. It’s one of the reasons some venues will only allow us to provide their fireworks. Of course it’s not possible to remove everything and anything that is left behind is fully bio-degradable.


Wedding Sparklers really add that touch of magic to your day. Whether you use them as favours or to create some fantastic photos with your guests we have sparkler packs to suit all.

10″ Sparklers are commonly used for table favours and last for about 60 seconds each. 18″ Sparklers are the largest sparklers available in the UK and burn for nearly two minutes. Please take care when using sparklers and they should not be used indoors or by anyone under 5 years old. If you have any questions, please do get in touch.

We can add sparklers to  your booking but should you wish to order them on their own you can do so from our retail website at

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Fireworks for sale online and from our showroom all year from some of the UK’s leading brands including the award winning ‘Celtic Fireworks’, ‘Black Cat Fireworks’, ‘Standard Fireworks’, Vivid Pyrotechnics and more…..

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for the fireworks at our wedding last weekend. They certainly topped off what was a fantastic day and night – one we will never forget! All our guests were so surprised and thought they were really special. They also made for some great photos! So just wanted to say a thank you very much!”

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